More than Friends

When i finally decided to end my search for the lady abroad i got her letter in my mailbox, it was like faith struck upon me, cause she is everything i ever dreamed off!!!

Then finally my trip to Zaporozhye after a year off writing!! i had to take flight to kiev and there spend the night at hotel for my next flight to Dnepropetrovsk, from there it was only 100km to Zaporozhye, then i met my translator Katya , she was very friendly and first took me to the hotel i booked through the agency, it was large not as the hotel i booked in kiev and there was a shower so i could feel fresh to meet my angel :).

Then finally i saw her and my heart stopped it was real afterall, i knew it was but still i couldnt believe it, we had the best time together and i am looking forward to more meetings with her!! if you really want to go and put away every fear and doubt i recommend ualadys, they were there at any time i felt uncomfortable, except my taxidriver at the airport at dnepropetrovsk, he was crazy but i did that on my own not through the agency (next time I will definitely take a car transfer from the agency), the roads were bad and it snowed and he was talking and looking in his mirror all the time lol, it was an experience filled with adrenaline that one lol, but the people are very friendly and open 😉 Can’t wait to book my next trip